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Take a journey through the history of BageerBag. Discover the history of our company from its establishment to the present day, via all its milestones.


On the summer of 1997, Mr Jeff was coming to Quanzhou where the textile products manufacturing industry was developing fast. Graduated from a textile college, Mr Jeff was to start his career in this rapid growing bags manufacturing district. A team of 30 persons working within a 300 square meters’ old plant, original Sanfeng Bags Factory started to supply the best bags products all over China.


With china ' s accession to WTO, SanfengBags started our international business with the basic  skills - exhibitions. Products were photographed and shown to our customers on the booth. 

With one year, we had supplied all kinds of bags and backpacks to more than 10 customers, some of who are still working with us today.


As business developed, more 100 staff are employed by Sanfeng Bags Factory which requires a new plant and offices. We moved to the new Sanfeng Building and get everything organized with several departments.

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Meeting the internet on 2003, our founder Mr. Jeff felt its magic power. Our website sanfengbag.com and Sanfengbag on Alibaba were both set up by then. Customers contact us by Email and place an order without face to face meeting.


With 8 salesman’s efforts, Sanfeng Bags Factory had exported our bags to more than 50 countries. 89% of the past customers continued to place their repeat orders to SanfengBag more than 3 years.



During the 10 years of global trading, SanfengBag had directly or indirectly supplied bags products for more than 20 international top famous brands. Solid reputations built via customers’ highly comments and recommendation.


With 150 bag men’s efforts, SanfengBag had got a turnover of 8 million US Dollars on 2014. More than 50 new styles of bags were designed by our R&D department every month. Innovative materials were used frequently on our new products.

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With the heritage of previous Quanzhou Sanfeng Bags Factory, Fujian Bageer Bags Co., Ltd. was registered on 2017. More than 200 staff continues their enthusiasm on bags designing, manufacturing and exporting services for customers from all over the world.