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   With 20 years’ experience of bags manufacturing, our founder Jeff Lee found that it requires not only skills but the spirit of engineering to make a good bag. Here comes BAGEER, the bags engineer. All Request from the customers will be highly concerned and deeply researched before producing. BageerBag manufactures the bags as a robot, focusing on all details and engineering every single part.


Bags Factory

BageerBag is a heritage of previous Quanzhou Sanfeng Bags Factory, which is established by Jeff on 1997. As business developing, Sanfeng Bags Factory has been registered as a limited company - Fujian Bageer Bags Co., Ltd. on 2017, whose plant covers 3000 square meters near the downtown of Quanzhou City. So far BageerBag has been a wholely self-owned bags factory with services of bags designing, manufacturing and exporting.

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Supply Chain

    Our factory is located at Quanzhou, one of the  biggest bags manufacturing bases in the world.  It is the ideal spot to research and develop  innovative bags with the latest material and  technology. With 20 years manufacturing  experience, BageerBag has a well established  supply chain network for the highest quality  and innovative raw materials for every order.


Quality Assurance

Once the order from our customers confrimed by BageerBag, producing schedule will be arranged according to BageerBag's Quality Control System. Every Parts of the procedures will be completely controlled by our management. Qualified products will be produced with a certain lead time.

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It is believed competitiveness is achieved by efficiency, innovation and continuous improvement. BageerBag is a direct factory with rich experience on bags manufacturing and exporting.  Cost performance was considered during the procedures from sample designing to finished products delivery.

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Much more than manufacturing, BageerBag has a strong R&D department who is always ready to turn our customers ideas into reality. From design to prototype, 20 enthusiasts combine their skills to develop the bags products for the world.

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    Social Compliance

It is our core value to protect the human rights of our staffs. Our social compliance program has been implemented since 2008. Industrial standards and local law requirements are all conformed by BageerBag. Child or forced labor will not be employed.



BageerBag has always been recognized as a bags manufacturer and designer that stands by its quality. Clients around the world trust BageerBag to help them meet evolving industry regulations and practices with our rich experience, market knowledge and advanced technology.



BageerBag’s teams work every day to design and manufacture new innovative bags products. BageerBag employs more than 200 members of staff, all with a passion for bags designing and manufacturing. Among our 150 producing line workers, 80% have worked with BageerBag for more than 3 years, while 30% of  them have been with us more than 10 years.

                                    Customer Service

OEM sampling or new products developing are all available with BageerBag. Our customer service team are always ready to have a meeting face to face or response to your inquiry by mail or phone call.Besides, rich experienced R&D department and purchase department constitute a strong support for our sales team to offer best solutions for customers from all over the world.  Our teams share the same passions, the same values and the same objectives: working together to make the world's pack a little more convenient every day. 

Pls contact us now to let us know what you need. BageerBag will turn your idea into reality.