Advantages of cosmetic Bag

- Jul 17, 2017 -

1 Exquisite small appearance: since it is carry-on bag, the size should be properly, the general recommendations to 18cmx18cm within the most appropriate size, the side to some width, can be put into all the items, and can be put into the bag with large bags without heavy.

2 Lightweight material: The weight of the material must be considered factors, the lighter the material, the less the burden of carrying, cloth and plastic sheeting made of the most lightweight and convenient cosmetic bag. In addition, the best choice of skin abrasion resistance of the material, do not have too much decoration, to use a long long.

3 Multi-layer design: Because put in the cosmetic bag items very finely, there are a lot of small things to be placed, so there is a layered design style, will be more easy to separate things. More and more intimate cosmetic bag design, and even out of the lipstick, puff, pen-like tools, such as special areas, so many separate storage, not only can clear things clearly placed position, but also to protect them from collision and injury.

4 Select suitable for their own style: at this time to first check the usual habit of carrying things, if the item in the pen-like items and shapes of flat make-up plate mostly, so wide flat and multi-layer style is quite suitable, if the main, the shape should choose the side looks wider cosmetic bag, so that the bottle can stand at attention, the inside of the liquid is not easy to leak out.

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