Care and maintenance of luggage

- Jul 17, 2017 -

A lot of times, the bags become dirty, discoloration or wear, not because of the use of too long to cause, it is possible that we use the process has not been noticed. The person who loves the bag will certainly have some experience and lessons in this area, and know what problems to pay attention to when using bags.

1. If the hand is easy to sweat, it is best to use the arm bag or shoulder backpack, and less hand bag, or sweat easily in the handle left stains.

2. When storing sharp items in bags, be sure to pack the sharp items completely and then put them together. And those who have cut, broken luggage suspected items best not put in the baby bags. Do not plug or put too heavy items, otherwise it will make bags deformed or damaged.

3. When the lock of the switch bag, do not mix foreign bodies in the lock, this will damage the hardware pieces of luggage.

4. Do not paste the label or sticky tape on the luggage, so it is easy to peel off the skin when ripped off.

5. Use handbag bag to avoid the wear of denim fabric with frequent friction, because it is easy to dye the phenomenon.

6. Rain and snow, as far as possible to avoid the use of Zhenmau skin, frosted skin, suede and other leather bags, because once the large area of water will be difficult to handle, and the cortex will harden.

7. Long-time direct light and heating, will make bags decolorization, discoloration and deformation. Should try to avoid luggage and sunshine, heating long time contact.

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