Cleaning skills of bags

- Jul 17, 2017 -

Bags according to different materials divided into leather bags and cloth bags, there are different maintenance and cleaning methods.

Leather Luggage Maintenance

(1) Do not wash water, day to take care of the dust on the surface of the correct way is to use dry cloth dipped in water or cleaning liquid wipe; (2) Wipe the leather bag to follow the fur direction; (3) The care products used in the cleaning and maintenance of the leather bags must not contain acidic or alkaline components, nor can they have volatile constituents; (4) The collection of leather bags in the past quarter, to be placed in the cabinet with ventilation conditions, to be careful to avoid bags are squeezed, twisted, moldy and so on.

Cloth Luggage Maintenance

(1) Cleaning cloth bags, the bag should be removed and then cleaned, and (2) cleaning cloth bags, to prevent fabric fading; (3) If the cloth bags contaminated with deep dirt, you can add a little soda when cleaning.

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