Different Type of Backpack For Outdoor

- Sep 29, 2018 -

Different Type of Backpack For Outdoor

We usually outdoor on weekends or have long-distance trips during the holidays. According to different types of outings, we need to bring different kinds of stuffs,so we need different types of backpacks to help us store stuffs. 

Now let me tell you which type of backpacks are suitable for going out.


Daypacks are smaller, usually frameless packs that are great for short hikes, decent for weekend camping trips, but poor for any serious trek into the big outdoors. 


Backpacking Packs

There are lots of compartments where you can fit anything from three-day rations to a first-aid kit and warm clothes, not to mention water and other important fluids. Even a low-end backpacking pack will come with a sleeping bag compartment, so if you don’t see it on, don’t bother with it.


Travel Backpack

Travel packs are pretty much similar to backpacking packs, only with some features that usually don’t cross over all too well to wilderness. These are comfy-packs, if you will, with thick, rich padding, detachable daypacks for kangaroo-style toting, as well as lots and lots of zippered compartments with TSA locks.


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