How a handmade bag is made?

- May 28, 2018 -

How a handmade bag is made?

I enjoy the process of doing the craftsmanship. This time I took some photos and made a simple sharing.


The first step: draw a rendering

When drawing a drawing, you can paint it by the way. I usually draw some simple ones because it shortens the production time. From the sketch to the floor plan to the exact size of the layout, this process is ignored and no photo is taken.


The second step: skinning and cutting leather

After the well-printed version, there was a selection of leather for the skin. This time I used the imported vegetable tanned leather from Italy. I saw the primaries that have not yet been dyed. It is more expensive. Just be careful and don't hurt your hands. leather,


Step 3: Dyeing and Fixing

Because I particularly like green recently, I chose to do a green one first. When dyeing, I can dye it evenly or with texture according to my own needs. If I want to dye it evenly, I can dye it again and wait for it to dry again. Uniform. Generally need to dye three times the color will appear more full. For the use of alcohol dyes. When the dyeing agent is dry, one or two fixing agents are used to prevent coloration.


Step 4: punching and setting

After the fixing agent is dried, because the thickness needs to make a shaping for the folding edge, simply put the leather on the wet side, the folding edge is good, and it will be formed automatically when it is dry. Remember to punch the hole of the thread before setting the thread. it is good.


Step 5: Processing Edge

The edges that do not need to be stitched need to be handled in advance, that is, to smooth the edges, and I like to grind the edges. I like to use sandpaper to round the edges first, use the alcohol dye to color it with a wooden stick, and then use a fine sandpaper to grind it again. Once the color, such as the color of the dry edge on the edge of the liquid, etc. After doing crazy grinding many times, there is this effect.

Step 6: Handle stitching and grinding

Because it is more compact, it does not bond directly, but when it is finally edging, there is not a black line in the middle, and it is better to glue it first.


Step 6: Polishing the edges

After you've done everything, you're left polishing the edge of a big project. Grind the edges first with coarse sandpaper.


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