How Do Backpackers Choose Backpack?

- Jun 08, 2018 -

How Do Backpackers Choose Backpack?

You should have a certain understanding of the amount of exercise for this time.

    In everyday life, some friends will enjoy a short trip to the end of the weekend, or go to a suburb to climb a mountain or go camping in the jungle. If you choose a large and heavy backpack at this time, it will affect the overall speed, and the second will affect the mood and image of the individual. Therefore, it is suggested to have a certain plan and understanding of the trip before buying the backpack. If the time is long, you can choose a heavy bag, and if the time is short, you can choose a light backpack.


The appropriate capacity should be chosen according to the body's shape.

    Gravity varies from body to body. If you are thinner and thinner, but choose bigger backpacks than you do, do not go out for sports, even the most basic walk will become a problem. Therefore, it is suggested that when you choose the knapsack, you should take into account your own body bearing capacity and so on. Remember not to increase the burden for yourself because of too much attention.

Should pay attention to the material problem of knapsack

    As the saying goes, "one point is a point." For knapsack, it is also the case, the quality of the cheap price is not good, the good quality of the general price will be higher, which type of choice, or should be selected according to its own economic situation. It is suggested that you should pay more attention to whether the material is wear-resistant, waterproof and tear proof when purchasing, so as not to affect the future travel.

Should pay attention to the quality of accessories

    Good accessories are an important part of the quality of the knapsack. If the zipper is particularly strenuous, the waist buckle is particularly loose, which will not only affect the overall image of the backpack, but will also cause breakage and breakage during the trip. Therefore, it is suggested that you should pay more attention to the backpack accessories when buying, such as whether the fabric belt is well maintained. Is the zipper metal? Whether it is with a plastic plate or not.

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