Is Canvas Bag Waterproof?

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Is Canvas Bag Waterproof?

    Is canvas waterproof? Why can't the canvas be waterproof? The tarpaulin covered by trucks and the cloth used for tents are made of canvas. It seems that there is no paint or asphalt on the canvas. It can be waterproof. In everyday life, canvas shoes and canvas backpacks are not waterproof. why? Why do canvass gradually become the mainstream of the waterproof material market? 


    There are three reasons for this:

    First is pvc canvas inside with polyester material to do the cloth, the surface coated with a layer of pvc plastic, polyester fabric weaving through a clever and unique design, so pvc glue can be well integrated into the cloth inside, making pvc canvas can be done without leakage ;

    Second, large canvas splicing processing, Feifan Sailing Factory adopts modern technology, the use of advanced heat sealing machine, canvas heat sealing machine, heat sealing principle is to pvc glue between the two canvas completely fused together to achieve the interface There is no gap at all, so that the entire canvas can achieve 100% waterproof effect;

    Third, plastic cloth production process is simple, raw material pvc green canvas superior waterproof sunscreen performance, to open goods to provide a good protection against rain and sun. Therefore, green canvas is slowly accepted and loved by market customers. Gradually become the first choice for warehouses in various walks of life and warehouses.

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