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- Dec 18, 2017 -

                                             Materials For Bags

With the rapid development of China, bag manufacturing is a rising industry in China even in the world. Bags is not only a tool in daily life but also work as a  great accosery with useful and multifunctional pockets. We can classify bags by usages, such as travel bags, sports bags, medical bags, school bags, cosmetic bags, etc. There are various of materials that can be used in this industry, today we are going to introduce you some materials that are most frequantly used in bags.

Polyester, polyester fiber. Good gas permeability and good exhaust fo moisture, resistance to acid, alkaline uvioresistant. Good corrosion resistance and crease resistant.Harsh handfeel and reluster. Lighter than water so it will float on the water.

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Nylon, high stregenth, high wearablity, aging resistance. Soft handfeel, glossy. Heavier than water, so it will sink under the water. Polyester and nylon are the two main materials that commonly used in bags.

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Spandex, elastic fibers. High elasticity and high scalability, alkali resistance is weak. Reactor embrittlement and yellowing after the ultraviolet irradiation.


Oxford, oxford fiber. Usually use 210D and 420D, due to it's hard handfeel so this materials usually used as interlayer or lining.

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Dobby, the front side and back side has differnet lines(pattern), generally speaking this kind of material only used in casual bags or shor distance travel bags.

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Velocity, super strong nylon,high intensity, usually used as camping bag materials. This material has 420D or higher intensity fabric. The exterior of this material looks similar to Dobby.

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Taffeta, waterproof nylon, a material that is very thin with coating, water resistance is relatively good, usually used as raincoat or rain cover.

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Poly Pu, polyethylene overgum, we usually use poly instead of poly pu. The density of poly is 64t (low), 74t (medium), 82t (high). Fabric from 150D--1800D, normally when it reached 600D, it can be used as camping bags bottom material.

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Air mesh, this is a special mesh, due to there is an interspace between the net and the fabric, normally the gap is 3mm. On account of its great air permeability, this air mesh usually used as straps or the back side materials.

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PVC, pvc is a synthetic material that most popular material and be extensive used in many industries. It is light, waterproof and moisture-proof, inflaming retarding and thermal inslulation. 

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PU, low diaphancity, low glossiness, resistance to dissolve.

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There are various of materials that can be used in bags not only the materials we list above,  different types of bags use different materials or we can customize a bag for you according to your personal perfrence. If you are interested in any materials or any questions on bags industry please take a chance to come visit BAGGER, and we will give you a clear idea on everything you want to know.

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