Police first aid kit

- May 26, 2018 -

Police first aid kit

    The first aid kit for police is one of the necessary items for the public security single police equipment. The first aid kit for police use black leather (flame retardant Oxford cloth). The police first aid kit is used by police personnel to perform minor injuries when they are on duty or during training. A simple, portable first aid kit for ambulance. The first aid kit for police is equipped with a band-aid, nitroglycerin, elastic bandages, eye surgery scissors, medical rubber tape, capsules, and refreshing oil. Can be configured according to user needs.

Main configuration

1. A bottle of Medicine (For use when knife, gun, wounded, spare 1 insurance for first-aid when seriously injured)

2. A bottle of nitroglycerin (emergency for coronary heart disease angina)

3. Three-in-one medical bandage

4. Disinfectant for medical use

5. Medical elastic bandage

6. Medical minor scissors

7. Medical tourniquet

8. Medical tape

9. Medical gauze

10. Medical cotton swab


1. Preventing moisture, pay attention to ventilation and avoid light, avoid high temperatures, away from the erosion of chemicals when daily stored

2. Regularly check the leather bag for mildew and clean it if necessary.

3. Pay attention to the expiration date of the drug, replace the invalid product in time, and do not continue to use it.

4. Carefully read the instructions for use of the drug and use it correctly.

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