Recycle Shopping Bag-Sharing Instead of Plastic Bag

- May 18, 2018 -

Recycle Shopping Bag-Sharing Instead of Plastic Bag

    As plastic bags are mostly produced from non renewable degradation materials, the plastic structure is stable, and it is not easily degraded by natural microbial bacteria and is not separated for a long time in the natural environment. It has great harm to the land, which will change the acidity and alkalinity of the land, seriously pollute the soil, affect the crops to absorb nutrients and water, and lead to the reduction of agricultural production and the sustainable utilization of the land. The harmful dust and toxic gases generated by incineration also cause air pollution. Therefore, plastic bags have become the worst invention of human beings in the twentieth Century.

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    Zhang Chunyan, a sophomore at the economics campus of Harbin Commerce University, was distressed to see that the plastic shopping bags is still popular even they had been banned for a long time. She and her little buddy have an idea to use shared economy to make shared shopping bags. Environmental shopping bags use Oxford cloth or PE materials, use mobile phone small program scavenging box and pay, the use of environmental bags can be fixed for 72 hours, 24 hours charge 1 points, 48 hours charge 5 points, 72 hours charge 1 corners. The machines for placing shared shopping bags can be set up in business super and residential areas, so that you can get them back and use them. Zhang Chunyan says, at present, people are developing small programs and actively communicating with businesses. In the near future, their shared shopping bags will appear in everyone's life.

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