Special care for handbags

- Jul 17, 2017 -

1. The zipper is not smooth: with candle or wax coated on the zipper, can improve the effect.

2. Anti-nitrate: if there is a little anti-nitrate, can be used color matching skin cream Complementary or white oil lightly wipe the anti-nitrate parts, clear stains.

3. Metal decoration and oxidation (gold, silver, copper buckle) Silver metal buckle: can be used the most fine sand paper or matte eraser gently rub off black spots, and then with a transparent skin ointment gently wipe. Golden Belt buckle: Never use matte paper, lest will wipe gold, can only use one point transparent skin ointment lightly wipe. Precautionary method: In the new handbag copper buckle or metal buckle besmear one point transparent nail polish, can prevent oxidation. (excluding color buckles)

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