The way you carry bags expose what kind of woman you are

- Jun 01, 2018 -

The Way You Carry Bags Expose What Kind Of Woman You Are

Women often spend a lot of time choosing to buy a bag they like, but do you know? When a woman carries this favorite bag, she reveals a lot of secrets about herself.


There are so many kinds of bags, but there are just a few ways to carry them. Whether you like to hold it in your hand, put it on your elbows, or hang it on your shoulders, this is actually not a random decision.


According to body language experts, it can well reflect our inborn personality. It is a gender identity, a way to show your identity, taste, creativity and personality. Experts tried to decipher the hidden information through the way that women carry bags.

Shoulder bag


    This kind of woman is more alert and needs someone to prove that she deserves her trust. When she meets new friends, she will look for signs that they can trust. As a person who wants to actively complete the work, she does not like to waste time on some small things.

    Her tendency to be cautious and alert is that she feels she needs to be more savvy in the public and always pay attention to her words and actions. If she clings to the bag and pulls it, it may be fearful or not confident enough, or fear that the wallet will be stolen.

Shoulder Messenger Bag on Back


    Such a woman is a calm, calm, easy-to-trust person, and generally has a clear goal. She has a strong sense of autonomy, free and easy, more concerned about her own feelings, is very good at getting rid of the burden of life, and likes to use more casual and more relaxed attitudes. Look at life. In fact, many women who do not like to wear bras are also part of this group.



    The women with back shoulder bags are more independent. They are very enthusiastic about themselves and the people around them. They will also be prepared for any situation while enjoying freedom. This woman is often the most reliable one in the organization. She longs for healthy people. Lifestyle, hoping to find a comfortable sense of belonging. In addition, her self-learning ability may be stronger than other people. She does not care about other people's views on her, optimistic and confident.

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