Water bag selection

- Jan 01, 2019 -

1, non-toxic and tasteless materials

The water bag is used to hold drinking water. The first thing to ensure is the safety of the water bag material. It is necessary to put the non-toxic and tasteless in the first place. Most products on the market use non-toxic, odorless materials, but some inferior products will have a strong plastic flavor after long-term storage of water, so be sure to pay attention when choosing.

2, the pressure resistance of the water bag

The water bag in the mountaineering bag will definitely be squeezed, and sometimes the backpack will be used as a seat, cushion, or even a bed. Pressure resistance should be considered when selecting a water bag. Using a product that is not resistant to stress, the result will be terrible if it leaks.

3, the choice of faucets

The faucet of the water bag is very important. Need to open and close easily, one-handed operation or tooth opening. Also, ensure the pressure resistance when the nozzle is closed. If the nozzle is closed so badly that the water pipe should be tied up every time it is transported, otherwise the water will flow out from the nozzle after the backpack is stacked.

4, the choice of water inlet

The larger the opening, the easier it is to fill the water. Of course, the larger the corresponding opening, the worse the sealing and compression resistance. At present, most of the faucets use the same screw-like opening as the oil drum lid. In addition, there are a few water bags that use the water bag mouth of the shackle. This kind of opening resistance is beyond my expectation.

5, water bag insulation

One is usually a water bag, which can adapt to the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn. It is more troublesome in winter, and the water pipe will freeze. Therefore, many water bag manufacturers have insulated water bag and water bag cover. In fact, this kind of thing DIY is also Feasible and inexpensive.

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