What are the essential items in the travel package?

- Sep 29, 2018 -

The essential items for traveling are as follows. The general principle is that the less the things, the better. Too heavy luggage is a big burden for travel.

First, a suitcase or backpack (plus a lightweight packet)

According to the distance you go out, you can divide it into: large suitcases for clothes, suitcases with locks and light backpacks for travel. If you plan to be on the road for a few months, then prepare a backpack. It is best to have a professional package with a carrying system.

In addition to backpacks or suitcases with all your luggage, prepare a small bag, a small item such as a certificate or a mobile phone. Once you get to a place, you must first drop your luggage and go out to play, then the small bag is necessary.

Second, documents and bank cards

1. ID card, passport (foreigner): Today, airplanes, trains and hotels are registered with the identity verification system, so the ID card is one of the essential items for you to travel.

2. Student ID card, old age card and other special documents: It is a must-have valid certificate for enjoying the scenic spot ticket discount.

3. Cash, bank card: travel is inevitably consumed, so be sure to bring a bank card.

Third, mobile phones, cameras and chargers, card readers, charging treasure

The mobile phone is definitely a must-have item, no explanation. The camera is a great tool for recording your journey, and you must take it with you. Don't forget the charger and card reader. Now that you have a charging treasure, you should also buy a belt to prevent the phone from running out of power. (It doesn't matter if you don't bring it, you can buy it locally. If you go to a remote place, you have to take it all.)

Fourth, clothing and shoes

Look at the weather and the time you are going to go. The clothes you bring in the summer are more than a few t-shirts and pants. Several sets of underwear and socks can be prepared. In winter, you need to bring thick clothes. Jeans are perfect for travel and dirt.

A pair of shoes that are better to walk are important, and the shoes affect the happiness of the journey.

Five, health supplies

1. Towels, toiletries; 2. Toilet paper, facial tissue, wet tissue; 3. Skin care, cosmetics, comb; 4. Lip balm; 5. Sunscreen; 6. Male razor / feminine hygiene; 7. Washing Supplies (washing liquid travel pack, small bottle 80g, designed for travel laundry, can be taken on the plane).

Hygiene products are very necessary to bring, although some things are also sold locally, but it is better to carry them with you.

Six, commonly used drugs

Commonly used drugs: cold medicine, motion sickness medicine, band-aid. Plateau reaction drugs: Go to the plateau area to take anti-altitude drugs such as Rhodiola, as well as drugs commonly used in their own diseases.

In fact, many drugs can be taken without the need to buy them locally.

Seven, the time to pass the goods

Mobile phones are definitely a must, and electronic products that pass the time in the car include tablets, MP3s, and e-books. The rest of the products are poker and paper books.

Eight, sleeping bags and tents (only for friends who want to camp)

Sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats and tents are a must-have for camping enthusiasts. It is necessary to take these three items on long-distance travel.


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