Backpack Matching Skills

- Jul 17, 2017 -

Leisure Money Collocation

Leisure-style backpacks are mostly stylish, vibrant and refreshing. Can highlight the playful cute, youthful vitality of the a backpack. Like the retro backpack on the right. Retro is a popular element, and most backpacks use this element. This kind of backpack is not only fashionable, but also better than the clothes, almost all the informal occasions dress style. Fashion color to the whole added a fresh taste.

Student Style

In recent years, students ' request for package is more focused on fashion and trend while pursuing function.

The student backpack roughly overlaps with the leisure section. As a result of the resurgence of retro wind, once the basic models of the backpack back to the people's vision, these models mostly to multi-color play, candy color, fluorescent color, printing and other combination of college and fashion characteristics of the backpack is not only from students. These backpacks reveal both the freshness and vigor of the college wind. Because of the style of structured, color colorful, very students usually monotonous school uniforms and ordinary casual travel dress.

Travel style

The backpack mostly pays attention to the comfort of the shoulder straps, the breathability of the back, and the large capacity. Therefore, the general form of travel is very large, but there are also many stylish and large-capacity models, such as the right side of the messenger backpack a couples travel. Stylish retro bucket retro style, the size of the package can be selected. The barrel-shaped design is more attractive and more type than the ordinary package. Bright colors can also add a good mood to the journey. Ideal for casual or sporty clothing.

Business Matching

Nowadays, the demand for computers is becoming more and more common, and the office workers have to need a backpack with all kinds of files and computers. Exquisite shirts and trousers is a lot of work of the general element of the family, the ordinary backpack is not enough to highlight the business atmosphere. A good business

Service backpack, not only to add the temperament of the body, multi functional zoning to create a new pattern in the package, in the face of sudden situation more rapid response to ease. The general business models are more solid three-dimensional, with a decent shirt, can be very good foil business people's upright gas field.

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