How To Customize A Backpack- BageerBag Makes Your Idea Into Reality

- Aug 10, 2017 -

    How to customize a backpack?

    Here we are talking about a customized backpack in B2B business. When you have a concept of a new backpack or functional bags, just contact BageerBag or bring your idea to us. BageerBag will help you to make your idea into reality. 

    Today we would like to share with you the story between BageerBag and Mr. Reddy, who is going to develop a smart backpack with a lot of electronic device including speaker and USB ports. 

    Before Mr. Reddy coming to BageerBag, we had some communication by mail. We had deep research on the sketch of the smart backpack he had sent us. When we met each other in our factory, we had long time meeting to discuss the details and technique about the new backpack with our R&D department. As known by people, the sketch is an ideal design of the designer. There was some detail parts may not good for manufacturing. The manufacturer(BageerBag) faced to the Designer to solve the obstacle between imagination and reality.

    After the meeting, we had the all the details for the smart backpack. BageerBag's R&D department started to design the patterns for the backpack.Computerized pattern cutting machine will get every piece ready for the backpack. Dimensions and accessories will also be written on the pattern paper, so that the sewer will get every parts organized.

    At the mean time, we'll lead the designer to the material market to check our supply chain and look for perfect material for the new backpack. Just keep us noticed about your idea of the functional material and accessories, every part will be found among our supply chain.

    Stitching work of the backpack will start since everything is ready in our sampling room. Salesman of BageerBag will be the representative of the customer. We'll check every step of the manufacturing process and keep the customer updated. Even we'll test every functional parts and discuss with our sampling chief about all details and difficulties when the backpack is on progress. We'll try our best to get the backpack in a perfect condition before the customer saw it.

    For this smart backpack, it is realy good to have Mr. Reddy attending in our sampling room everyday. We have checked very step and get every parts tested including the function and the quality of each pieces. 

    When the smart backpack finished, we had another meeting to make research on its function and qualtity. We discussed with Mr. Reddy about the final design of the backpack. We try to offer an excellent product for the customers.

    When you try to customize a backpack and want it to be both resonable for good design and manufacturing, pls bring your idea to BageerBag. Your imagination will be created into reality here.

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