Little Kids Backpack

- Dec 02, 2017 -

Bagger--a professional manufaturer, a factory that is focused on high quality producing, a manufacturer who is dedicated to bring best products to our customers. But not only that, Bagger is a family that filled with love. We care people that around us, we care the children, the elderly, we care anyone who needs help.

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Today, China still has many poor areas and lots of children has no school, even no money for daily life and supplies. Bagger a big, loving family, we always wondering what can we do to make this world a little better, what can we do for these adorable children? Bagger as a well known professional bag manufacturer, we decided to help those students by offer them free school bags. In September, 2017, Bagger's loving staff members went to a poor village that is located in LongYan, we brought 300 pieces of little kids backpacks and most importantly we brought love with us together. That was a bright sunny day, we went to 'DATONG XIAOYUER' kindergarten in the moring, when the minute we stepped into the kindergarten we saw many cute faces with lovely, innocent smile, our heart melted. Our little kids backpacks has two color, red for girls and blue for boys, with cute printing and provides space for their name and class number, most importantly there has school phone number on the kids backpacks incase someone lost their backpack. They lined up to come pick their little kids backpack, there were smiles showed up on their faces, the moment we felt everything all worth it.

Little Kids Backpack.jpgLittle Kids Backpack.jpg

Little Kids Backpack.jpg

It took four hours to drive from QuanZhou to LongYan, it was long drive and we all fell tired but no one complained anything because this donation was meaningful and worthwhile. Make profits is not the only goal for Bagger, but make the world better and do little help to this society is what Bagger concered.

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