The Purchasing Skill Of The Backpack

- Jul 17, 2017 -

According to the number of

When you go on a picnic alone, you can choose to 35°c a litre of backpack. Holiday with family and children travel, from the perspective of caring for family members, the need to choose about 40 liters of backpacks, the plug-in system to help families to carry umbrellas, cameras, food and other items.

According to gender

Because men and women differ in their size and gravity, the choice of outdoor backpacks is not the same. Generally a day or two short excursions, men and women general 30 liters of the backpack can be. For more than 2-3 days of long-distance travel or camping, to choose between 45 to 70 liters or even larger backpacks, the average male choice of 55 liters around the backpack, women choose 45-liter backpack.

According to the itinerary

A single day round trip, cycling, mountaineering activities, choose 30 liters of the following backpack. Two-Three days Camping can choose 30-40 litres of multi-functional backpack, 4th above hiking, to put tents, sleeping bags, moisture cushion and other outdoor equipment, can choose more than 45 liters of the backpack. In addition, the general field activities and climbing mountains used in different backpacks, mountaineering use of backpacks do not have many parts, like climbing friends need to pay attention.

According to the length

Before you pick your backpack, first you need to measure your upper body length, the distance from the protrusion of the cervical spine to the last lumbar spine. If the torso is less than 45 centimeters long, you should buy a small bag. If the torso is between 45-52 centimeters long, you should choose a medium package. If your torso is 52 centimeters in length, you should pick a large bag.

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