Tips For Using Backpacks

- Jul 17, 2017 -

1. Volume in more than 50 liters of large backpacks, in the placing of goods, to be afraid of the heavy weights placed in the lower part, after putting the best backpack can stand alone, if the heavy weight is more evenly placed in the bag and close to the body side, so the overall focus will not fall.

2. Backpack on the shoulder skills, put the backpack at a certain height, shoulders into the shoulder strap, the body forward, on both legs stand up, this is a more convenient way. If there is no high place to put, with both hands to lift the backpack, put on a knee, facing the strap, one hand control the bag, the other hand grab the shoulder belt quickly twist, so that one arm into the shoulder strap, and then another arm into.

3. After the good bag, to tighten the belt, so that the crotch of the heaviest force, to the chest buckle, pull tight, so that the backpack does not fall after the feeling, walking with both hands shoulder strap and backpack between the adjustment belt, the body slightly forward, so that the gravity is actually in the waist, crotch, back no pressure feeling, the upper limb can be flexible. In the absence of protection through the rapids, steep lots, should relax the shoulder strap, open belt and chest belt, in case of danger, can be the fastest speed to the separation of people.

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