Car Backseat Protector

car backseat protector
Size:31*31 cm
Color:more than 8options
Suitable car model:95% model

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Product Details

Car Backseat Protector

Description of car backseat protector

Make Life Easier with car backseat protector

Every open your car door and think, “How did they make such a mess?” Or perhaps you’re simply too busy to clean up the endless sea of adult created receipts and water bottles? Until little hands making big messes becomes a think of the past (or you get a personal maid), Sellurite car organizer and trash system makes clean cars easy – it’s ultra-durable, easy to install, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So go ahead, stop looking now and click add to cart – you’ll feel 100% thrilled with your cars new clean exterior or your money back.


Specification of car backseat protector


Size:33*16.5*14 cm

Fabric:600D waterproof polyester

Weight:0.13 kg





Features of car backseat protector

CLUTTER-FREE: A great solution to keep your vehicle clean and organized while driving family, kids, or passengers. Simply hang the bin for an instant trash bin anyone can utilize. Perfect for daily commuters or Taxi Cab, Uber, Lyft, or Rideshare vehicles.

LEAK-PROOF: Fully resistant interior lining to ensure no drips, leaks, or messy spills. Peace of mind knowing that trashed liquids or fluids will not ruin seats or interior. Easy to clean, it can be wiped clean and sanitized with minimal effort.

MULTI-PURPOSE: Sleek design that doesn't stand out as garbage bin - it can be used as a backseat organizer, storage container, trunk cargo organizer bag, cooler with ice, or many other purposes. The mesh side organizer pockets on the bin offers space for accessories, bottles, and wipes


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