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    BageerBag is heritage of Previous Sanfeng Bags Factory. Due to business developing, SanfengBag was developed to be BageerBag on 2017. Story between SmartBag and BageerBag started from 2014, when we are still named SanfengBag. Let's check what the founder of SmartBag will say about SanfengBag after 4 years coopertaion.

    SmartBag found BageerBag on 10th March, 2014. Communicating via email for 10 days, BageerBag developed the first sample for SmartBag on later March. The founder and the product manager of SmartBag came to China to talk with us face to face after they seeing the pictures of the new sample. Here they come on April.

sports bag and gym bag.jpg

    11th April, 2014, we met each other on our factory. A meeting regarding to the details and the technique of the sports bag was held for a day. We had new aggreements on the structure and the material of the sports bag after the meeting. Improved samples were arranged by our R&D department soon.

    During the new samples' developing, SmartBag had a tour of Quanzhou City with BageerBag. They are attracted by the beatiful scenery and the Chinese history of Quanzhou. "Amazing" was the most frequant words that we heard during that period.

  SmartBag was invited to join in our party in the night. They were taught to play "Chinese Dice Game" and other games on the party. We had a great time beyond the business.

sports bag and gym bag.jpg

    Two days later, the revised sports bags are ready. We had another meeting on the new bag and confirmed every procedures about our cooperation. The first production run started on April of 2014.

    At the beginning of June 2014, the first container of the sports bag were ready and shipped to SmartBag in Europe. Excellent comments were received when the clients got the new sports bag. The second production of the sports bag come soon after receiving the first batch. 

图07.jpg    New ideas always come with every year's new products. SamrtBag and BageerBag became closed partner for the sports bag developing. Both of us were studing carefully on the sports bags' spicification and customer's feedback. 4 different versions and improvements were made during the past years. More and more recommendation was received from our past customers.

sports bag and gym bag.jpg

     SmartBag come to our factory again on 2017 to creative new sports bags and check the producing products. The founder of SmartBag even tried to sewing their bags by himself.

sports bag and gym bag.jpg

Leisure activities are also very important parts for our meeting. SmartBag had be guided to take another tour for Chinese food and special restarant. After 4 years' communicating, friendship was esteablished beyond business relationship. Story between SmartBag and BageerBag will not end here. Keep your attention on our website to see what will happen when SmartBag come to China for new project developing.