Shoe Bag Storage

shoe bag storage
Size:20*12*31 cm
Color:grass green,orange,lake blue,black
Fabric:70D nylon
Use:travel,accommodation,home storage

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Product Details

Shoe Bag Storage

Description of shoe bag storage

shoe bag storage fit a piece of men's shoe or a pair of women's shoes. keep your shoes separate from clothes and in great condition. Water proof, make your shoes clean and dry. Good design for home and travel use. Great for travelling, carrying shoes to & from the gym, or for keeping your shoes dust free in the closet.ake life easier when you have to pack one or more pair of shoes into your luggage. Made of water repellent nylon material and equipped with zipper closure, the Shoe Bag is designed to isolate packed shoes, protecting the other items in your suitcase. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to clean your shoes before packing. The shoe bag will keep your shoes and other items in your luggage clean.


Specification of shoe bag storage


Size:20*12*31 cm

Color:grass greenorange,lake blue,black

Fabric:70D nylon




Features of shoe bag storage

Shoe Bags are a perfect solution as you can fully close the bag with the zipper and safely and easily place your shoes inside without them touching your clothes and getting anything dirty.

Travel Shoes Bag is very light and does a perfect job of packing shoes and keeping everything else clean.

Waterproof Shoe Bag also includes a loop on the end that will allow you to hang it from a hook within your car, closet, or elsewhere.


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